Never before has our mission been so essential and so at risk

More than 100,000 marginalized people – artisans and their family members – need our funding to weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Artisan Support During COVID-19

Ten Thousand Villages is critical support for thousands of artisans in 30 developing countries. The grinding halt of the economy means we lost our main mechanism to carry out our mission and support artisans like Sarita Maharjan and their families. Sarita works as an artisan with Association for Craft Producers in Nepal. “The more orders we receive, the more work we have. We have to travel around when there is not much work. When there is less work, we must leave Kathmandu,” says Maharjan.

Traveling around,” can mean walking miles and miles with little food or water to return to family villages. It means no income and a sudden loss of livelihood. We want to ensure the next installment of artisan funding and help keep our beloved partners safe and healthy. Your help has never been more essential.

Sarita Maharjan - Association for Craft Producers in Nepal

One Maker’s Story

At Association for Craft Producers (ACP) in Kathmandu, Nepal, 90% of their nearly 1,000 artisans are women. They receive savings programs, a medical allowance, education assistance, paid maternity leave, clothing allowance, and on-site meals with clean drinking water. ACP ensures safe and sustainable working conditions through the use of solar panels, their own wastewater treatment plant, and a rainwater harvesting system.

“When women have money, they have a say in the family… and their voice is heard. She gains confidence. Life becomes important for her. And so that’s in the real sense, that’s economic empowerment.” – Meera Bhattarai, CEO and founding member of ACP.

ACP and Ten Thousand Villages, working together since 1987.

It Takes a Village

Breaking the cycle of poverty and igniting social change starts with you. Joining the movement is as simple as making a donation to support interest-free microfinance investments for artisans, many of whom are women and others often excluded from the global economy.

Investments are not handouts. Your donation helps artisans stay in business and out of debt, earn a fair wage that puts food on the table, maintain access to healthcare, and provide education opportunities. You are developing and training makers who, in turn, ignite community health and growth. Your generous investment changes lives across ten thousand villages.

Together, we are the solution to economic injustice.

Ten Thousand Villages believes that fighting global poverty means addressing root causes and finding solutions. That providing safe working conditions, fair wages, and financial stability goes farther than giving charity. That empowering women and others excluded from the global economy inspires them to create positive change for their families and communities.

As the fair trade pioneer, we’ve been living sustainable development principles long enough to see how growing financial stability breaks the cycle of generational poverty.

But there is still a long way to go. Poverty and exploitation are still a reality, and we will continue to invest in and partner with artisans around the world until all are able to live a life of quality and help their families and communities thrive.

Your donations and conscientious purchases are part of the solution to global economic injustice.


 These are just a few artisan partners affected by your contribution.

THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages


Working together since 1988
THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages


Working together since 1994
THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages


Working together since 1994
THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages

PHILIPPINES – Saffy Handicrafts

Working together since 1986
THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages


Working together since 2001
THRIVE Makers - Ten Thousand Villages

INDIA – Noah’s Ark

Working together since 1992

When marginalized people have dignified opportunities to earn a fair wage …

Ten Thousand Villages - Feed the Hungry

Food is on the table

Ten Thousand Villages - Education for Children

Children stay healthy and go to school

Ten Thousand Villages - Building Homes and Saving for the Future

Families build homes and save for the future

Ten Thousand Villages - Strengthening Communities

Communities are strengthened

Everyone thrives.

Today, Ten Thousand Villages impacts tens of thousands of artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underpaid and living in extreme poverty.


in international artisan investments over the last 16 years


developing countries




of artisans are women

Why Ten Thousand Villages?

Our mission is based on perpetuating maker investments and programs.

92 Percent of revenue is reinvested in perpetuating our maker-to-market mission

Revenue reinvested in perpetuating our maker-to-market mission

8% of Revenue is Invested in Administration and Fundraising - Ten Thousand Villages

Revenue applied to administration and other costs

We are the experts.

The US pioneer in fair trade, Ten Thousand Villages has more than 70 years of small-to-medium enterprise funding and fair trade know-how. We are a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and we have a proven approach to social transformation through the sustainable development goals we helped to author.

A time-tested, trusted partner.

Unlike traditional retailers, we do not abandon artisan partners or redefine fair pricing when markets demand change, trends shift, or economic health declines. Our enduring partnerships with artisans – some for more than three decades – mean that makers trust us. You can, too.

We get results.

The history of artisan partners shows that we have broken the cycle of generational poverty and enabled sustainable development opportunities for tens of thousands of artisans globally. Our direct, non-interest bearing, upfront amounts to $99 million in international artisan purchases and just $31,000 in default accounts over the last 16 years. That’s less than 0.15% in any unmet artisan commitment.

How it Works

Ten Thousand Villages’ ethical artisan investment model puts the maker first. Every aspect of this model is designed to give artisans opportunities to gain a safety net of financial stability and escape the cycle of poverty.

Transparent price agreement - Ten Thousand Villages

Transparent price agreement

Commitment to fair wage pricing, paid despite economic changes.

Interest-free microfinance investment - Ten Thousand Villages

Interest-free microfinance investment

50% payment upfront enables raw material purchases, handcraft production, and maker protection from exploitative loans.

Crafting of product - Ten Thousand Villages

Crafting of product

Strong partnership promotes artisan development and business growth.

Payment before export - Ten Thousand Villages

Payment before export

Full payment is made before product is shipped, removing all financial risk for makers.

Marketplace for product - Ten Thousand Villages

Marketplace for product

Handcrafted products from around the world are made available to the marketplace, established and maintained by Ten Thousand Villages.

Empowered makers and thriving communities - Ten Thousand Villages

Empowered makers and thriving communities

Made possible by a safety net of dependable income and the foundations built through artisan development.

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